8 easy and effective team building activity ideas and reasons why your company should have one

“Team Building” is a term for different types of activities used to enhance relations and define roles within the team. When designing a team building exercise, remember it needs to help improve efficiency.


Benefits of corporate team building activities

Over time these activities will show improvement in the work environment. Team building can be used as one of the foundations of the company’s development. It incorporates an awareness of team objectives and experience within the organization.

Corporate team building exercises can also help lower turnover rates and keep your best employees. As an employer, an effort needs to be made to motivate, satisfy and help keep productive employees working. When employees participate in team events, they will notice that every team member that participates plays a valued role in the success or failure of a project. It is important for each and every member of your team to know they are a critical member of the organization.



3 easy team building activity ideas for work

Office Trivia 

For:  Team Bonding

What You’ll Need:  20-25 trivia questions about your workplace


Come up with a series of questions specific to your workplace and test your team’s knowledge. “What color are the kitchen tiles?” “How many windows are there in the entire office?” “What brand are the computer monitors?” “What month of the year is most common for birthdays among our employees?”. 


Ships in the Mist

For:  Trust Building

What You’ll Need:  Space and Blindfold


One person is chosen to be the ship, another is chosen to be the commander. and the rest of the players act as obstacles in the ocean. The ship player wears a blindfold and trusts the verbal directions of the commander as they crawl or walk around, navigating the obstacles in the ocean until they reach their destination. If the ship runs into an obstacle, he is out and the game starts over with a new player as the ship, while the obstacles rearrange themselves.


Balloon Stomp

For: Teamwork

What You’ll Need: Balloons, Ribbon/Yarn and Space


  1. Split everyone into three equal teams and hand out the balloons, one color per team. Each person will need two balloons.
  2. Have everyone blow up their balloon and tie it. Then attach a balloon to their each of their ankles/shoes using the ribbon/yarn. 
  3. When you say “go”, the players must stop and pop other teams’ balloons. The players can only run within the set boundaries. The players cannot use their hands. If both balloons have been popped, the player must sit out of the boundaries and is out of the game. The remaining team with at least one balloon intact wins the game.


Small activities/events to help get you started

  • One-minute treasure hunt
  • One-minute trivia game
  • Keep 3 balloons aloft for one minute
  • Work related Charades game
  • Company Lunch


Most recently, Back Office Remedies employees experimented with Team Building Exercises for work. Many participated in The Las Vegas 2017 Spartan Sprint and 5K ColorRun. Staying together as a team and helping out team members over obstacles and hurdles proved to be a very exciting and bonding experience. It showed amazing teamwork and also provided us with addition knowledge of each other’s strengths.   


Team building activity colorRun


Employee team building doesn’t always have to be full or half day events. aforementioned one-minute ideas can be a welcome diversion from the stress and strain of a hectic work environment.



Be aware of the pitfalls

Last but not least, employers should consider the following points to avoid legal pitfalls arising from injuries that occur during employer-sponsored team building exercises.

  • Make all team-building events voluntary.
  • Hold alternative events, one that may involve physical activity and another that involves mental acumen only, and allow employees to choose their team-building exercise based on their physical abilities.
  • Encourage employees to attend by offering door prizes or other incentives, but don't allow managers to keep a roster of who did or did not attend the program.
  • Train managers so that they are aware of the company's potential liability for these events (despite their direct benefit), so they avoid putting pressure on unwilling employees to attend the events.
  • Prevent adverse employment action from being taken against any employee that declines to participate in an event.
  • Require participating employees to sign a release that indicates that the employee's participation is completely voluntary.


Corporate team building activities bind your employees together and show shared goals and interests, establish a positive team culture, encourage communication, and increase business knowledge. You will see increases in productivity and your employees start to build a sense of pride and passion in their work.


Written by Erica Davis - Safety Manager

Updated on May 11, 2017 08:17