2017 year-end check list for HR department

Year-end is always a busy time for human resource and payroll departments.  The list of projects to complete and deadlines to meet continues to grow.   Employers understand the payroll related tasks of processing W2 and 1099 statements and significant resources exist to help employers with those requirements.   However, the responsibilities and obligations of the HR department for year-end processing are just as important to the company and not as obvious.  Following is a checklist of items that should be reviewed.

Year-end To-Do list for HR departments

  1. Major Projects

    • ACA Reporting
    • Open Enrollment


  1. Payroll

    • Remind employees to update their W4 forms if circumstances have changed
    • Advise employees of Advance Earned Income Credit (EIC) eligibility
    • Review all 1099 vendor information for accuracy and completeness
    • Verify updated I-9 form usage (effective 7/17/17)


  1. Benefits

  • Review benefit plans and renewal evaluations
  • Review and notify employees of Vacation, Sick and PTO policies


  1. Compliance

    • Review and implement new Federal, State and Local law compliance
    • Update Workplace Posters
    • Mandatory Employee Notices by State
    • Review and Update Policies and Procedures (i.e. Employee Handbook)
    • Review personnel and medical files for compliance
    • Review and update all job descriptions
    • OSHA – review and verify compliance requirements and logs (Form 300A)


  1. Review and Planning

  • Industry Compensation Reviews
  • Budgeting and Planning for New Hires
  • Calendars
    • Holiday schedule
    • Employee review schedule
    • Benefit policy renewals
    • HR related vendor contract renewals
  • Prepare and publish payroll and holiday calendar for the upcoming year


Of course, not all items in this list will apply to your particular circumstances but it is a starting point from which to develop your own list.  Because many of these tasks are time consuming and tedious, you will want to assess the amount of time required for each project and plan accordingly.  Ultimately you may determine that it will be more efficient and cost-effective to out-source some or all of your HR tasks.  If you would like a free consultation regarding your HR needs, please contact BOR-Go, Inc. and arrange for a consultation.


Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and is not intended to be legal, tax or professional advice.  You should consult with a qualified professional regarding legal requirements and deadlines for your business.  BOR-Go and its affiliates and agents assume no responsibility for improper reliance on the information contained herein.



Written by Weena Powell - HR Manager

Updated on September 12, 2018 23:58